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So I know that you can apply anywhere from 1.1-3.3 teaspoons for every 1000 square feet. I assume the 3.3 teaspoons is max rate. If you apply the max is that for the year?

Also, I was having varying gallon usage when spraying each 1k square. Sometimes it was two gallon others slightly less or more. I know my walking speed and and passes have a lot to do with it too.

If I sprayed the max rate am I done for the year?, if so can I apply something else? Do you have any tips or tricks. I used orange flags and had the whole yard sectioned off.

You can see the orange flags in the picture. Don't get too excited, that's a lot of blue dye 馃槣 Although it stayed pretty green over the winter.

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The maximum rate per calendar year should be on the label somewhere. I seem to remember you could get 12 month coverage with Tall fescue but only 8 with KBG.

If you hit the yearly max for prodiamine, you can always switch to dithiopyr.
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