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Preventing wasp nests

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Last summer while on my patio I gently moved a small outdoor wooden end table that I had built. I felt something like a needle prick my foot, and lo and behold, I was stung by a wasp. Turns out that wasps were building a small nest on the underside of the end table and I had no idea. I was surprised by how painful the sting was and how long the pain lingered, and I'm thankful that I wasn't swarmed by a bunch of them.

It's impossible to see the underside of the end table, so I'm wondering if there are any ways to prevent wasps from building there in the future. It's crossed my mind that I could possibly use something cheap like tin foil and staple it to the underside of the table, assuming they would be repelled by the metallic surface. However, I wonder if there are some other proven ways of keeping wasps at bay.
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You can’t keep wasps from building a nest. The surface would have to be slick as owl snot.
You can’t keep wasps from building a nest. The surface would have to be slick as owl snot.
The idea is to make them less likely to do so, even if I can't prevent it 100%. Kind of like how businesses pump out certain music or high-pitched sounds so teenagers don't hang around. This is why I thought changing the surface on the underside might make them less inclined to try a nest there. Or perhaps closing off the underside area with some plywood? My guess is the wasps liked it because the underside is protected by a 2"-3" piece of wood on four sides.
Spray it with Cyzmic and see if that helps?
You should consider controlling their population in the area long-term. While wasps won't reuse old nests, they always return to the same area/site.

I would continue to use adulticides but certainly would add Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) so that their offspring can never become adults and reproduce. This works for many insects, which most prefer to stay grounded in the same/familiar area. Reducing population around your property is vital. I spray mine and both neighbor properties for this reason.
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