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Preventative Fungicide Programs

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Any of the zoysia guys have experience with preventative fungicide programs? I had a few smallish brown patch spots last spring and want to take every precaution from dealing with that again if I can avoid it with a little time and money. :thumbup:

May have slightly overdone N last year (4lb/k) trying to amend P and K so started with good cultural pratices this year. No N until may and just under 3lb/k N total this year all milo except for a september synthetic app .5lb N of 7-10-10.

Per recommendations from Clemson ( I ordered Headway G (Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole) and Eagle 20EW (Myclobutanil) as both rate well for patch diseases and three active ingredients should mitigate impact of resistance.

With overnight lows just hitting 60 and below here in Atlanta I was planning to spread 3lb/k Headway G this weekend and them either another 3lb/k Headway or 1.2oz/k Eagle after 28 days.

Thoughts? :bandit:
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