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Prep for Green Giant Privacy Screen

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I am planting 430' of privacy screen to finish off my chain link fence line. Planting 5' on center which is how my other screen is thriving. 3-4' trees arriving today.

My question is - how should I prep the soil? I have a skid steer and a trailer. My choices are as follows:

1 - Dig holes with auger and plant with no other prep. Cover with 2-3" mulch around individual trees. Easy option.
2 - Scrape out a bed 6-8" wide along the fence line. This is what I did with my current 26 GG hedge. Then plant and mulch the entire bed. This requires a few trips to dump the trailer with the removed soil. Lots of mulch.
3 - Harley Rake/Till area and rake up some grass matter (or not), then plant and mulch over. Again, lots of mulch.

What's my best option where the effort is worth the results? Any option I missed that I should consider?
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What did you end up going with?

If it were me I'd want to keep things looking consistent so I'd do the same thing I did with the other screen.
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