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Pre-em for landscaped beds?

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I intend to plant several ligustrums, loropetalum, and arborvitate this week.

This is my first time with any of these plants.

I am trying to discern whether I can apply any pre-ems, such as prodiamine, simazine, or oxadiazon, to reduce the amount of weeding I have to do in the future.

Do you all use anything as a pre-em in your landscaped beds? Preen? Fabric weed cloth? Mulch? All of the above?

Just trying to plan on the front end to make sustaining this easier.
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fabric, cedar or pine bark mulch, and Preen for me. Preen can be used in mulch, I don't think the normal Pre-m we use for lawns would work very well in mulch most need soil contact to be effective.
I should have prefaced I use the Preen with trifluralin
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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