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Pre-E application prior to hurricane?

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In my order of T-Nex that I did for the group buy, I also bought a gallon of Prodiamine, that I plan on using on the back yard. I know it has to be watered in, so would it be a good time to put it down? I'm pretty sure it's going to be watered in by next Monday. :mrgreen:

Seriously, this will be the first time I've put down a Pre-E on my yard. The back yard is a salad bar, but I've got some good stands of turf that are growing nicely. I usually have a lot of weeds during the winter, and was planning on putting it down near the end of the month, possibly the last week of September. What is an optimal time, weather-wise, for me to put it down? Temps here are very mild during the winter, and I expect that at the end of September, the lows will be in the low 60's, with highs in the mid 70's.
Here's some historical data for my local weather.
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Fronta1 said:
Still too early to tell if Irma will hit Georgia.
Ware said:
I would probably wait until after the hurricane. You should be fine applying it a little later in the month at your location.

Regarding watering it in, I think the Prodiamine label calls for 1/2" of rainfall or irrigation within 14 days after application.
With my luck and Mother Nature, we're definitely going to get a lot of rain. I was looking at some of the rainfall projections last night, and even if it wasn't a direct hit, there are projections for over 6" of rain for our area. :eek: I think that would hit the requirement for rainfall. That being said, if we do get that much rain, it's going to take weeks for my lot to dry out.
I know Ware, I'm just being facetious. I forgot to put the /s after my post LOL.
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