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POA T - I did not miss thee

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Well, as was noted, it is time for the lawn to wake for the fall. As it begins to green and grow, POA T comes with it.

I sprayed some spots recently that I noticed early on, but today I realized how much worse the situation really is.

What is the attack plan, just glyphoste and pull where possible. Stay calm and keep after it as it is a slow go?

There is likely no easy elimination, so it seems just attack it when possible. Pull if the patch is small enough, spray as needed.

Between it and the bent/nimblewill my lawn is beginning to look so patchy. patches of dead grass and areas of just dirt.

What is the ultimate expectation of fill-in ability of kbg/prg. I know the kbg does well filling in, but what should I expect? Is a 3x3 area too much? is this where I supplement with some pro-plugs and be patient?
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Purdue says to remove it with an inch of soil below it and something like 6in around it. The roots are very shallow.
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