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Poa annua possibly?

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Cut my grass 2 days ago and notice a few spots that are slightly lighter. I noticed it seems to be "stemier", Ive looked at pics of Poa Trivialis and came to the conclusion it isn't that.
I have a feeling it may be poa annua.
You can see the patch directly in the centre of the pic.

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Were there seedheads on it at some point?
Schaef said:
I thought trivialis was a really light lime green?
It generally is a light green and has thick stems. Most of the patches in my lawn are circular in nature. Although poa trivilias gets seed heads it's typically mowed short enough that you won't see them. Whether annual blue grass (poa annua) or rough bluegrass (poa trivialis) they both tend to fade in the heat of summer.

If there isn't that much I'd start by hand pulling it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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