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Pictures of my lawn name that weed

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Here some pics of my lawn.
So many different weeds.
Some names will help kill them. Kill them all.

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Sinclair said:
I would paint the whole thing with round up, and not worry about targeting specific weeds.
Which one? Heading to the store as we speak.
I should do it today?
g-man said:
Shopping list:

-prem (crabgrass preventer)
- weed b gon (any brand works as long as it has similar active ingredients)
- weed b gon CCO (any brand works)

No round up yet. I will never recommend round up since that means a reno. A Reno is a lot of work and prep and should only be done if you and wife are ready for it.
Ok this is what I got
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LawnNerd said:
Wait till it warms a little more. You wont get much kill in these temps. You'll just waste you money. 60° or higher.
Lol I was gonna do it today. Thanks.
The pre emerge can go down today yes?

Got weeds popping up from a warm week. I was afraid it was too late for pre. I put down Scott's weed and feed 3 days ago, it rained 2 days later and the dandelion fell but the other stuff stuck it out then we had insane wind storm blew my Scott's away and my neighbors siding off the house.
g-man said:
Prem should go now, but if you applied feed and weed, then that could be too much nitrogen. How much did you applied per ksqft? What is the npk?
20-0-10 Scott's tripple action. About 4000 sqft worth on 3000 sqft.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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