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Pest Identification: Little flies in bermuda

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Hi there

Any ideas what this might be? Been seeing them for at least a few months now in my Bermuda grass in SoCal. These photos are extremely zoomed in, so they are actually only about 2mm long.
Insect Arthropod Parasite Invertebrate Pest

Insect Arthropod Pest Parasite Invertebrate

Doesn't appear to be eating the grass directly as far as I can tell. They tend to fly around very short hops dozens at a time as you walk.
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Google Euscelis (leafhopper). They suck juice from leaves but supposedly do not harm unless you have a big infestation.

My philosophy is kill it so you don’t have to think about it. Any insecticide such as Bifenthrin or Permethrin will do the trick. Of course you are in California so you probably can‘t kill a bug without being arrested. Sorry I couldn’t help myself.
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Thats the ticket, thanks GCoco! Now just need to find someone to post bail.
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