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Peat moss? Pro and cons?

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The day has arrived and seed is going down. Backyard is dirt. Should or shouldn't I spread peat moss over the seed? The backyard is south facing and gets full sun 90% if the day. Also how much coverage does one of those bales provide?
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A peat moss roller does a really good job and makes a nice even layer. I don't really know of any disadvantage. Except that it's a little early for seeding in Tennessee. I did it at this time last year and it was a lot hotter last year. but I wish I would have waited another month.
Just remember germination might be a little slower so prepare a good post emergent. What type of Bermuda did you plant?
Ok cool. Yes we shouldn't get any rain for a week so no chance of wash out. Just remember don't use Drive on Yukon Bermuda. I had great success with msma mixed with quicksilver during establishment. I always wanna see more Yukon yards.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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