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Palmetto St Augustine Grass Need Help

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Can anyone tell me what this look like in my grass…….it been
growing wonderful in the yard except these certain spots seems to be yellowing
and dying........? this happen in 2017.......don;t wont the same issue this year.............i have Palmetto St augustine

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I used to manage a st. Aug that developed tarr. Put down yards of peat moss and aerated. Was like a miracle, tarr gone and st a filled in within 2 months.
The next year, winter kill and then tarr again, customer decided to tear it out and sod with zeon zoysia.
Transition zone is hell on St. Aug
I had one of my old prof's from State come out and diagnose it. I've screwed up plenty, this one i brought in an expert.

You might consider calling your local land grant university turf dept. They are usually very friendly.
Applying peat moss to St. Aug with Tarr. It worked the first time; we got it very early. It did not work the second time, a couple of seasons later. I guess it was too far gone. Homeowner decided to replace with zeon instead of spending a million dollars on fungicides, just to possibly have a freeze - thaw - freeze kill it.

Pretty drastic winterkill the season after the tarr damage and recovery. Luckily it came back after a heavy compost topdress, but I can't blame the customer for giving up on his St. Aug after another round of tarr the season after this photo. I only have a couple of St. Augs on my list. Raleigh is marginal at best for SA.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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