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Organic Actinovate

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Okay during my search for cracked corn for lawns I saw a post about organic Actinovate has anybody been using this?? Is there a good bad and ugly.. I can't seem to find any negatives.. maybe the price $$ any help would be appreciated plus I could get the stupid song of "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care" out of my head.
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I bought some this year and never got around to applying. I was on rotation between Serenade and Growth Products Companion Fungicide (smells awful) and had pretty good success with it. I also applied cracked corn monthly, but hard to say if there was any added benefit beside another source of organics.
cclaeys said:
That seems kind of counter intuitive to the organic approach. The concept of inoculation should somehow come into play, but in all honesty if you have to keep hitting it with a more expensive option, is it worth it? Ultimately everything is organic, fertilizer is just elements.

It reminds me of my mycorrhizae fascination, once and you are done, I dint notice any change.
I liken it to a flu shot for the turf lol...inoculate to prevent or limit the pain.

I do follow an organic fungicide approach and it can be laboring at times, especially in summer. But I will use synthetic if an outbreak occurs.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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