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Old John Deer 220 Greensmower Help Needed...

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Just picked up this old gal this morning:

Going to do a full maintenance before i give her a go. She starts and runs but could use some TLC... Upon close inspection i found two blades to be bent on the corner :cry: All the other blades seem to be fine. Im hoping i can take the reel off and bend it back... Take a look and let me know what you think:

I hope i do not have to buy a new reel as that would cost more than the entire machine :|

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this im all ears!!

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You can just tap them back into place with a hammer. I would not heat it. Grind/file it back so it does not interfere with the bedknife and then face the bedknife and backlap the reel. That's the best you can do with what you've got there. All said, that's a fair amount of time and you could easily replace the knife and reel in the same amount of time and guarantee better results.
kur1j said:
I agree with you. Only problem is he's out 250$ haha. That's one thing that isn't fun with reel mowers is the damn cost of stuff. And if you make a mistake, it's 200 bucks.
Preaching to the choir brother. My Jake spent 2 week's in the sick ward waiting for parts and time to assemble after I tagged the water meter cover in my front yard.
Nixnix42 said:
heres hoping they can work the kinks out of the swardman mower..
Kinks? On one mower out of how many?

Let's see how the rest of the machines run through the season before we go calling them problematic.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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