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Hey guys it's killing me!!!! Can I paint the nutsedge in my bermuda with roundup without killing the bermuda? Thanks for the help.
OCD sucks!!!!
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TnT, nitro or flame thrower is needed LOL.

Spammage said:
Glyphosate is only minimally effective against nutsedge. While it can brown and possibly kill the top growth, I believe it is similar to hand pulling in it's effectiveness because it won't kill the tubers. A sedge specific herbicide is much more effective and still usually requires multiple applications.
The HDX Home Depot version of Glypho says "it kills to the root". I've used it and it WORKS. It levels everything obviously. Saying that I haven't looked at any of my "lovely" sedgelings where I put Glypho on it. I know the top is dead but haven't dug any tubers to see. Anywho.......

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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