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Now What?

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Today my back yard was sanded by my landscapers. Some background information....

Sod was laid in March. It wasn't doing well in spots about a month later and we realized the redwood trees would have to go. Too much shade for the Tifway 419 and the needles weren't doing us any favors either. We had intended these to be taken out eventually so it just moved up the time table. The subcontractor the landscapers used to remove the trees left fairly large divets on the lawn in the new sod. My landscapers were not happy with the tree people. In addition the sod they got from the farm was not level. It was so bad they took pictures of it to show the sod people and have decided to use a different farm. They told me they would bring in sand to fix it. Today was the sand day. In preparation, I've been reading through the leveling threads to make sure everything is done right. I scalped the lawn yesterday. They only used landscaping rakes and shovels to level it out. No drag mat or broom like I see people doing on here. I don't know if I should go out and sweep or just leave it. I've included pictures of the sanding below. You can tell me what you think with the pictures. The sprinklers are set to run tomorrow morning. Is it ok to water then?

I have a bunch of questions. I'll try and list them out

1) The landscaper said I needed to fertilize my lawn. He called some place to find out what type of fertilizer exactly but they weren't there. I am a complete novice. I have no idea what type of fertilizer my lawn needs. I don't know what to do to put it on my lawn (one of these hand crank kinds? Is that ok?). I'm also not sure when to do this with the sand on there. Any advice?

2) The landscaper said wait two weeks to mow. Is this correct?

3) I am going to get some PGR but I'm waiting for someone to have extra on the exchange thread. I know I need some kind of sprayer. I have read through the sprayer threads but is there one thing that I can just buy and spray my lawn with or do I need to track down all these different heads for the sprayer? Is it something I could acquire over time or do I need it before I do the PGR because it would be a waste otherwise? Do I wait until the grass is fully grown through the sand to do the PGR?

Any help would be great. Thank you!

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ok lets start

PGR- forget about it right now. Being a novice without much equipment i would not even worry about that until your lawn is completely filled in. You might be able to use it in a month but if you just go out and spray it without the correct equipment you will damage your lawn. (Not might damage WILL damage) But that is for another conversation. l
I have some questions?

1) Are you sure you only have 2000 square feet of lawn?
2) Do you have a way to water or have irrigation? Correction I see that you do GOOD
3) Why did the landscaper say the sod farm gave you sod that wasnt level? That's not how it works. Did you misunderstand what they said? Did the landscaper or the Sod Farm lay down the sod? (That is a very important question) And who got your lawn ready for sod? Did anyone kill the grass that was there and smooth out your lawn before laying sod? if so who? (very important question.) I have a feeling your landscaper is the answer to booth of those questions and i smell bull sh** on the part of the landscaper. Did you pay for the sand? (I hope you didnt)
Sod Farms use a machine called a sod cutter to cut the grass at an even depth. So i smell a rat!!
Now to answer your questions

Yes you need to fertilize and the best thing for you in this situation is probably quick release fertilizer. But 1st you HAVE to know how many square feet you have.
You will need a spreader. Not a hand spreader but a push spreader. Since you are a newbie i would stay away from fertilizers with a big first number. like 30-0-0 or even 20-0-0. TO much fertilizer for someone who hasnt done it before can burn your lawn. To be on the safe side and make it simple you could get one bag of Milorganite. It covers 2500 square feet and put it down evenly over your entire lawn. ( the entire bag) Do not put it down when the grass is wet.
After putting it down water your grass afterwards.

Drag mat
If I could I would try and drag the sand. you could make something with a couple 2 x 4 and some weights to hold the wood down and rope to pull it. Heck if you truely only have 2000 square feet a big thick peice of cardboard with some workout weights on top would help.

Trees. You still have some trees that might give you some issues with having very thick turf around your fence line. If you get another opportunity in the future get them out.

Water - you can water your lawn right now if you want to. Alot of people do. Ideally you would put fertilizer on your yard and water in your fertilizer and sand.

SO as a recap
1) Drop down some fertilizer and drag your lawn if you can. Water everyhing. Talk about pgr in a month maybe next season
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No problem
i am sure more will respond as well
Milorganite can be found at Home Depot or Lowes sometimes at Walmart

As far as the trees are concerned I see shade on your pictures and thats why I asked.
The area that is under shade in the picture. How much sun per day does it get?
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