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No love for Tru Cut?

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I remember not long ago everyone on the forums and ATY had Tru Cut reel mowers and was gushing about them. Now it seems like everyone has changed to other brands and greens mowers Any particular reason the lack of love for Tru Cut these days?
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TC is like my old high school best friend: I still like them and we've had some good times in the past... but he still lives in 1995, and I'm trying to move forward.


If I find a good price on a TC, I plan to buy it for my back yard.
I am one that recently changed from the TruCut to a different reel. The Trucut does a fantastic job. I liked the way one could vary the speed by feathering he clutch, the quick and easy HOC adjustment. My reason for switching has everything to do with having mowers available with more options, ie rear roller and cartridge system. The other factor was the quality of cut with some of the greens mowers out there are superior to the Trucut.
My first reel was a Tru-Cut C-27. I think they all have their pros/cons.
I still own my TruCut, I plan to use it this growing season. I do kind of treat it like a redheaded stepchild though. It's gets the duty of the front hill going to the street and along my driveway where it might catch an occasional rock.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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