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New St Augustine Sod - Sedges

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Hello all and thank you for allow me into the community. :) I live in Louisiana which is like most of the south gumbo clay soil. The harsh winter combined with bad drainage my lawn had pretty much destroyed my centipede and made me decide to start over with St Augustine (drainage issues fixed)

- April I killed the entire lawn with Glysophate , I then tilled the entire lawn up bringing in River Silt as I can get that cheap here and tilled it in with the remaining top soil and thick gumbo clay. .

- May - Installed St Augustine Sod and kept it well irrigated per everyone's suggestions with deep soakings allowing the soil to dry out between soakings (i have irrigation)

I had already expected to have an infestation of sedge because as much as you try to amend the soil here you can only put so much money into these things .. The soil is better than it was but still needs work and remains somewhat soggy..


- The sod has been installed a month would it be safe to spray Blindside or Dismiss? The LCN stated Dismiss was a little easier on St Augustine (I have both) Sedge loves moist soil so I have backed off watering to once a week and measured it at 1.5 inches per week.

- Are there additional steps I can take to continue to improve this soil? I thought about getting some coarse builder's sand and mix it with some compost to help these soggier areas.

Some steps I have taken for new sod

- treated for fungus (had this over the winter)
- fertilized with milorganite
- treated for grubs
- ordered the N-Ext products.. my soil still sucks so I will try anything.

Thanks everyone.

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Lafayette Parish (ossun) resident here. This weather is crazy. Trying to seed (actually succeeding) has been fun. Good luck and if you are looking to split costs on any herbicide / Pre emergent email me. I'm game to split cost.
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