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New sod

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New to site...

Just installed seashore paspalum about 21 days ago. I am getting ready to make the first cut... I have been reading a ton and found out that i shouldn't cut too much on the first cut.. So, should i set my Mclane to the highest setting? Or should i use a rotary mower for the first cut? I measured it and it appears to be at 2 1/2 inches tall....according to Mclane, the highest cut is 1 1/2...... ???

My next question, bag the clippings or not?

Sorry for the newbie question, but this is my first home so. It's a learning process.
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I'll tag the guy that knows the most about Paspalum on this site. He will be able to give you the best information.

And welcome to TLF
I bet you'll be surprised at the results from the tuna can test. My irrigation system uses rotars and it puts down around .4" an hour, but YMMV.
You're not really looking for what each sprinkler puts down. Your wanting to see how long that zone takes to put down X amount of water. My zones have 8-9 heads per zone.
Probably... just set a few straight sided cans or the like around the yard. Run the system for an hour an measure how much is in the cups. I have the rain gauges that Ware mentioned earlier, they make it too easy.
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