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New Orleans Geo

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Found this site a while back, and have really enjoyed the content as well as the community and have decided that I want to be a part of it. I reside down here in New Orleans, Louisiana, maintain a small little plot that I have fully converted from St. Aug and centipede to Geo Zoysia. I've done it all myself from a solid combination of trial, error, and a ridiculous amount of sweat. I really commend all of you that have actual SqFT to manage. The only real background I have is what has worked for me, but would love to connect with anyone looking to " take the plung" or other zoysia members to share ideas and learn from!

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Gregau33 said:
That Geo looks great! I have Empire Zoysia myself and live in NW Florida. I love my Empire but it is the last one to fully come out of dormancy. How is your Geo when it comes to that? Also, what height are you cutting it at?

My local sod farm just started growing Geo. I'm thinking of buying a pallet for a test plot :D

I think the Geo does pretty well jumping out of dormancy, I have never felt like I was trailing behind. Keep in mind that I am completely surrounded by St. Aug lawns so I guess it might just be the company I keep. I have been cutting at .70 this season and plan on taking it down to .50 next year. All my sod came from Alabama.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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