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Hello all I live in Alabama and just joined the forums after lurking around for a while. Moved into a new construction house last fall and ready to hit the grounds full steam. Currently have a Honda HRC rotary. Looking at stepping up the game to a reel mower. Btw I think I have Centipede grass. Verifying the grass with the builder. Any pro's / con's with a reel mower and centipede grass? Looking forward to hear back from the best of the best.
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Welcome Justin! If the grass isn't dormant, post some good close up pics and we can help you identify it.
Grass is still dormant. I'll have to wait on the pics.
Glad to have you here and welcome to TLF!
Welcome to TLF!!! If you do have Centipede I wouldn't recommend getting a reel mower since it doesn't like to be cut short. I think it's optimum cutting height is around 1.5"-2.5".
That's unfortunate. I would love to have a reel mower to get that golf course cut.
JustinWheat said:
That's unfortunate. I would love to have a reel mower to get that golf course cut.
If you really only have 2500sq ft of grass, the (lawn)world is your oyster. You could try a different grass every season as your renovation costs would be relatively low.

There is some great discussion about homeowner reels in the equipment section right now. There is a company starting to offer an 18" battery-powered (or gas powered) reel-mower that would mow your centipede at nearly 2" but still offer reel-low cuts should you decide to change grass later. Check out the Swardman thread. It's a pricey option right now (no used machines available) but with only 2,500 sq ft to maintain, I'd be all-about a battery operated reel!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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