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New member, new sod, mow problems

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Hey everyone,

I just laid new turf in the backyard. 80% Kentucky bluegrass, 20% creeping red fescue. Followed every since step necessary for new sod. Watering making sure to keep the top inch of soil moist. Laid it the day it was cut.

It seems to have developed some brown spots in the lawn. And a green circle right in the middle. Sod has been down for 2 weeks come Wednesday.

Wife let dog urniate on lawn in a few spots when I wasn't home. Ugh.

Any thoughts about this issue? Will it resolve.

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It was new top soil, any ideas or is this lawn garbage.

Thanks for reply!
Ok awesome. Thanks! What about the crispy brown spots.. the soil underneath is damn but the blades are crispy.
There you go. I have been watering it consistently at the right intervals and adjusting based off rainfall and heat. Not sure where I went wrong.. but I even came home from work to check up on it every day.
Hey gman!

Glad to be here :)

I followed this schedule as provided

First week.
15 min am - 15 min afternoon- 15 min evening.

Kept soil moist but not muddy. Checking soil every day.

2nd week.
15min am. 10 min afternoon 10 min evening.

Should I do anything with the fungus?
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I am planning a low level deck there. I will be able to put in sprinklers along the deck.
I have the dog going to the bathroom in the soil where the deck is going. Wife has been instructed to do so as well!

I will switch to am/ early pm watering only. Thanks for thr advice.

Should I do anything about fungus or just adjust watering?

I have the sprinkler set so it doesn't hit the dirt all too much as dog goes there. Soil is moist there as I changed sprinkler heads.
Sod company said no fert for 1 month
We just got a huge rainfall last night so hopefully that gets things going! I'll adjust to add more water.

Does the middle green spot look like a fairy ring? I'm really concerned about that.

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It's a little yorkie, she only went a couple times and those are the burn marks. I'll look up close when I get home. The ring I am talking about is dead center. It is huge green circlem. Strange is all.
Would you recommend mowing now? There are still areas that are brown and have had root contact yet. Two weeks todaym. Would you recommend mowing a little off the top of everything? Some areas are getting rather long
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Thanks g-man. Wish I could slide you a beer for your help!
Been applying tons of water every morning since I've made this post and it is starting to look better! Thanks wolverine
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Yup! It was really dry. I just started watering more frequently and applied a high phosphorus fert to really establish the roots. Worked like a charm. :)
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