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New home owner/Rookie need help with continue vs rennovation

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This site has been really great so far and I've already learned quite a bit, so thank you all.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and like this is such an uphill battle ......should I....?

1. Continue the fertilization/broadleaf control/grub control/aeration and overseed program w/my lawn company


2. Renovation seed or sod

My obstacles and what I've done so far:
1. fungus infection / brown spot on the grass (also have mushrooms coming up in the grass) - 1 round of group3/11 fungicide so far

2. quite a bit of creeping bent grass now turning brown - nothing yet, considering tenacity

3. moss in several areas - nothing

4. moles - I've caught a few and they seem to have slowed down

5. Unlevel areas (prior trees/mole hill/? ) where I notice water pooling - nothing

Overall, from what I've read, it seems like the creeping bent grass is a major problem if I want a tall fescue lawn. It literally looks like it's choking out the rest of the grass. If I spray with tenacity, I've heard my lawn will turn white for a while (in spots where the bent grass is. which is 40% of the lawn)

Should I just get ready to renovate, or is this surmountable with an overseed?
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I like Suburban Jungle Lifes' advice because it agrees with what I am doing. :cool:

Unless you have the money time and energy on tap for a complete reno , which as noted may not solve all the problems, my recommendation would be to go after these problems one at a time.

I am in my second summer in a house with a lawn that would be too expensive to renovate and irrigate so I am going after a multitude of problems. This is our fourth and hopefully last house and I have done tier one lawns previously. I never liked the idea of glyphosating a lawn. (This is a personal preference probably arising from a lack of confidence in St. Louis weather)

I worry about ending up with the Bonneville Mud Flat. For whatever reason, big white patches from Tenacity don't bother me at all. The difference in the bleaching/whitening is pretty interesting and highlights different species existing in the hodge podge that is my lawn.

It takes a couple or three years to beat a lawn into Tier one or two submission.

One thing I "think" I may be noticing is that since I have been spraying lawn chemicals all over the place I have the impression that the moles like my lawn less. I could be imagining this. I haven't even sprayed grub spray yet but I do have a jug of imicloprid on hand and it will be included in most future sprays.

It probably is possible to fix many of your problems in conjunction with a major reno. Depends on the budget. I don't have experience with getting rid of creeping bentgrass. But I think there are grassy weed herbicides that will do the job for you.

The specific for mossy weeds is Carfentrazone (Quicksilver)
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