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Hey everyone I need some input: I’m new to the lawn pursuit and live in central California. We are in the 60s now with some dips up and down to 70s and 50s. I put down some broad leaf killer and was gifted some Certainty to get prepped for my first Bermuda only summer lawn.

we have some rain coming and a couple could days left. When should I apply the Certainty to kill off everything? Before low mow? After low mow? Should I aerate and then put down some Bermuda? Any input and guidance is helpful.

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General rules for post-emergent herbicide applications.
  • read the label
  • reread the label
  • do not mow 2 days before and 2 days after application. You want maximum amount of leaf exposed and exposure time.
  • no rain or irrigation at least 24 hours after application
  • grass should be dry ( doesn’t necessarily apply to all herbicides)
  • weeds are actively growing
  • temps between 50 and 85 (herbicide dependant)

Others please add to this.
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