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Hey Everyone..... was very excited about finding this place yesterday. A little about my yard. I have Bermuda that has some traditional trouble areas due to large river birch roots and some shade issues. I have been taking care of it myself for the past 3 years with general success, however; last year my wife went through some health issues and the yard got a little out of hand

The biggest issues are some dead spots and a lot of Poa Annua. I read up on Monument and have ordered some single packet applications to see if that does the trick.

My lawn schedule so far this year.

Basic winter pre emergent: Sept 17
Spring Pre Emergent : Late Feb 18
First Fertilizer Treatment (10-10-10) Late March 2018
Scalped Yard April 10th
Have mowed at constant height of around 1" every weekend (haven't mowed this weekend yet)
Core Aeration on Friday May 4th

My questions would be what should I use next in regards to fertilizer. My last soul test from 2 years ago suggested 34-0-0 and best time to do after aeration??

In addition, anyone have a good recommendation for herbicide/post emergent. I have always had issues with some yellow nutsedge, dandelions and some others.

Some pics are below

All help is much appreciated and glad to now be a part of this forum

Some pics


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You've got a great foundation to work with, not only in the lawn but your program.

My thoughts:

+ apply more than two pre-emergent applications; use different brands with active ingredients such as Prodiamine and Dithiopyr so as to not exceed yearly maximums. I apply in Feb, April, June, and Oct. You could do three and have less nutsedge problems to spray.

+ Lots of the Bermuda folks on here love Celsius as a post-emergent herbicide. I use it too, but I use Blindside more often.

+ I would get on a more consistent fert application schedule. It will vary, but during the growing season I would apply at least every 60 days and preferably every 30-45 days. I'm not sure the brand/NPK matter as much compared to just getting the stuff down and cutting/caring for the turf. I like fertilome lawn food because it adds iron for a nice green up. I also apply Milorganite often.

+ consider applying granular humic acid 1-2 times a year to help thicken the turf long term.

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Welcome to TLF!!!

What kind of Pre Emergent have you been using? For Post Emergent most of us use Celsius and for sedges you can get some Certainty herbicide, both of these don't have any temperature restrictions like most other herbicides you can buy at the big box stores. They are a little pricey upfront but those small little bottles will last you for years to come and actually end up being cheaper in the long run over buying from the big box stores.

For fertilizer, I would just go with whatever you can find for the cheapest with a high Nitrogen number. Since you are in the Atlanta area, I am sure there are quite a few SiteOne locations you can visit or call and see what they have on hand, they are generally cheaper than what you can find at Lowe's or HomeDepot. You also might want to checkout Pestrong as they are HQ'd in ATL and have a wide selection of products. You will want to apply about 1lb of Nitrogen/K every month and keep it watered. Do you have irrigation?

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you might have as the more we know the better we can help you get your lawn where you want it. :thumbup:

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The weed n feed will be a waste of money.

Go grab some 39-0-0 and some Celsius, and Dismiss. Get some MSO to add to the tank and that should be enough to get you going.

Toss down 2.6# per 1k sq ft of the 39-0-0 and water it an inch a week but don't spread it out. Just give it all once or split it a few days apart.
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