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Hello again -

So I posted over the weekend about my new house and was asking some questions about initial steps I can take to get my new bermuda sod off to a good start. We close on our house next Friday (27th). Unfortunately I think I may have derailed my post and got everyone off topic, don't ask.... :lol: My questions were about when to lay first app of fertilizer, when is it ok to sand, when should first app of PreM go down and what should my initial watering plan be.

Here is the previous post if you wanted to check it out but I was hoping to gather some more feedback.

Basically, if you were moving into a new house with roughly 18-20k sqft of yard, mowing with a reel and have irrigation....what would you be focusing on first? What type of fertilizer are you using? Someone mentioned using PGR but wasnt sure when because of yard being new sod. How much are you watering and how soon are you going to sand.

Thanks again for all the feedback. I am new around here but I am enjoying all the great info this forum has to offer.

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First off I would make sure you're watering enough. The soil under the sod needs to be moist but not soggy.

For fertilizer I would talk to the sod farm that the grass came from. They might have fertized it before harvesting, they will give you the best info on when your first app should be. Not knowing your soil chemistry I would apply a ballanced fertilizer for the first go around then go to a more Nitrogen heavy fertilizer throughout the growing season.

For sand I would definitely make sure the sod is rooted and growing aggressively.

Here is what the Prodiamine label says about applying to new sod "To avoid turfgrass injury, do not apply to newly set sod until the sod has rooted and exposed edges have filled in"
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