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Neighbors bamboo

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I live in a very tight neighborhood with tiny yards. About 8 years ago a neighbor planted bamboo along a shared fence, quick spreading bamboo, not the slow stuff, which of course came up very rapidly under the fence and into my yard. After back and forth which turned into an expensive lawsuit, the neighbor pulled it all up, had a barrier placed, then planted it all back. A year or two after that, I had my entire back yard extensively remodeled and landscaped.

They sold the house about 4 years ago, and the stuff jumped the barrier shortly after that. I've spoken with the new owners many times, they've had 3 years to deal with it and despite responses that they would after the warm season and such, they've done nothing. I really don't want to go down the lawsuit road again. Does it make sense to put my own barrier along the fence line? It's probably a 40-50' shared property line.

I've read I have to dig down 24" to insert the barrier, I'm not really sure of the best way to go about that. Most of the shoots are thankfully coming up behind a shed in a non-finished area of my yard that I can dig out.
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That's a lot of root barrier to put down. I found some documentation from Fairfax county Virginia on how to properly contain bamboo and they suggest a 36" deep barrier (30" underground) for containment and a concentrated Glyphosate/Triclopyr application to cut surfaces for herbicide control. I'd probably take a belt and suspenders approach and place both a proper barrier as well as treat aggressively with targeted herbicide applications to keep it out of your yard, as it sounds like your new neighbor doesn't really care. I'd also look to your local code enforcement office to see if they have any suggestions.
Thanks for the input, I haven't seen 36" but I'll dig until I strike oil if it keeps that crap out of my yard. I am having one last conversation with the neighbors later this week, then need to figure out if another lawsuit or doing the barrier myself makes more sense. I'm EXTREMELY UNHANDY. I lit one of my rentals on fire last year trying to be handy :D.
What does that type of lawsuit end up costing anyhow? I’m imagining $5k at the least, and for that money you can bring a landscape crew with a trencher to install a barrier. Ideally that cost gets picked up by the neighbor but get what you can out of them.
Lawsuits are hardly ever constructive.
It's not too bad once they realize you're serious enough to engage with an attorney and spend money on the issue. The previous owner decided fixing it would be cheaper than continuing down the legal path. Had they decided to battle through the courts, I would have had to reconsider my position.
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