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Need Help! Afraid I've messed up!

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Here's what has happened with my lawn thus far - New house, Tif 419 Bermuda sod installed around March 2017.

In 2018 we have-
Feb - 2-4d amine applied to dormant grass
Mar 31 -scalped
Apr 15- small app Milorganite
May 6- another small app Milorganite
May 7- applied Dithiopyr

Water with inground slrinklers about 2x per week, have been keeping the grass cut at 1 1/4"

My lawn was looking terrific ! Greening up wonderfully and then this week I've noticed brown and dying grass in my yard! What have I done to it? The grass was still brown in spots from the winter but new grass was spreading and starting to fill in nicely. Could the dithiopyr have killed some of my Bermuda ? I'm worried ! I thought I had a handle on this lawn and now I'm afraid I've done something horribly wrong !

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@Sambay how much dithiopyr did you apply? It was just a few days ago so you will get some root pruning. You are on the milorganite band wagon I see. How much did you apply. I really think you need to put synthetic fertilizer fast acting. Even if you are going to use predominantly milo I would still use synthetic at least 2 times a year at spring green up and in the fall. Give it a balanced fert and you should see it explode. How much milo did you put down May 6? How often do you cut?looks like you went a little long in between cuts. Bag your clippings and let's see how it looks. I put down 5 times my intended dose of dithiopyr and it didn't kill any of my grass nor did it delay green up. but I'm having other problems.
If this is the first time you have ever used pre emergent on that lawn then you will still battle some weeds this season. Having a steady pre emergent program will make weed pulling few and far between. Did you use pre emergent last fall? Looks like you barely applied over recommended rate. You shouldn't have any problem with applying 4 lbs instead of 3.5. I'm not sure about the effectiveness of this high yield preemergent. It doesn't have a very thorough product label. So I'm not sure how long it last. Probably 3-4 months. I would put down a summer pre emergent. When it's time. You will see weed pressure decrease after being on a schedule
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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