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N-Ext Products and Molasses

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I've had a lot of death in my lawn this year for various reasons. I have sprayed molasses, RGS and Humic, and it seems to be recovering often do you all spray the N-ext products? I understand what's on the label, but I'm curious how much is too much...same for molasses.
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GoPre said:
adgattoni said:
Check about a month and a half ago on the weekly Lawn and Garden show on thegrassfactor.

There was a question about the Dethatch product and whether it really works, and he mentioned molasses been used for a long time in agriculture, but that you should be careful with how much molasses you put down. I don't remember how much but he mentioned a [email protected]

Cool, thanks @thegrassfactor
looked for the video. still can't find it. if anyone does, please link it below.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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