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My soil test results are in!

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SiteOne just emailed me my results for my lawn. He mentioned I should start using a 14-20-4 which they have in stock I believe. Any feedback and tips would be appreciated. Thanks fellas!!

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It's probably a Mehlich 3 test, but you should confirm and also verify what test was used for P. How are you supposed to apply a 14-20-4 starter fertilizer and end up with 5 to 7# of N and 3# of P over a growing season? Are you planning to apply the recommended 2.5# of Mg?
The legend states Bray P 1 is used for Phosphorous. Bray becomes pretty inaccurate for determination of P levels at pH 7 and above (Olsen was developed for pH>7, but Mehlich is pretty useful up to pH 7.5). It would be unusual, but not unheard of to use Mehlich 3 for all other nutrients, but use Bray for P. Unfortunately, I didn't see where they identified what extractant was used for the other nutrients. Sorry, with current information, I can't help you.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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