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My resto nevergreen lawn experiment

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So I bought a new house in oct 2016. Small piece of neglected grass in the backyard: weeds, bald/bare spots, edges rough, uneven in heights, etc. Just 8x3m (24m2 / 258sq.ft)

In 2016: I did nothing except mowing (decorating the house ;))
In 2017: mowing / scarified twice with a Gardena Scarifier rake (this), fertilized, seeded, etc. That helped but the small lawn still is not fine. I removed a sq feet and found some grubs. Not good. Probably the reason for some dead spots in the grass.

Than I saw this movie of Connor Ward on an offtopic website. And saw the logo on his shirt. I ended up here.

That inspired me to get into action :D

In 2018.
I scarified again (always fun to do: lot of back hurt but no moss and ground/grass looks immediately healthier) and did some mowing. Feeded it with 12-10-18 fertilizer (is this any good ratio?)

Last week I was a week away and in the end I did not mow for 2 to 4 weeks. Result:

Welcome to the jungle :D

I took my good old Husqvarna Diamant 33 (33cm/13") manual mower and mowed it two times (so long the max x % rule :)).
Trimmed the edges, manually removed any left weeds at the surface (still some roots left I guess). And:

Not bad at first sight. But... Still...

Lots of troubles. Ground is sandy. I tried to seed extra last year but no impact. Didn't see birds etc. Probably bad seeds. No dogs in the garden either.

Will I ever get a Connor Ward like lawn?
Some questions:
- while mowing a lot of grass just bows with the mower and isnt cut. Dull mower or something else?
- what are the bald spots?
- I have a lot of strange long white single grass blade. What are these?
- any general tips to get up to speed? I want to beat the neighbour :D

Why did I mention it's an experiment? We are planning to overhaul the complete garden next year. The misses thinks it's bs I'm busy with the garden but I see it as my trial and error sandbox before the next episode of grass gets into it :D

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jazzper said:
Feeded it with 12-10-18 fertilizer (is this any good ratio?)
It depends on your soil. If your soil isn't deficient in phosphorous and potassium, then you are adding those nutrients needlessly. Many of us get a soil test to help determine what we need to apply. I'm not sure what your options are in The Netherlands.

jazzper said:
Will I ever get a Connor Ward like lawn?
From what I understand, it has taken him years to get the look that he has. It seems pessimistic to think it is out of your reach. I do think, however, that it is realistic to think it will take a long time, a lot of work, and attention to detail. If you are really into lawn care, then that means that you get to have a lot of fun.

jazzper said:
- what are the bald spots?
It is really difficult to say. A good place to start is to get a screwdriver and stick it into the bare areas. You might find a large rock.
jazzper said:
any general tips to get up to speed? I want to beat the neighbour
I think that a great place to start is here.

Welcome to TLF :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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