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My lawn and lawn journal.

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Hey everyone,

I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I live in a fly over state in the middle of the US and have a cool season fescue lawn. I bought into a well maintained lawn with my wife in our first home a few years ago. We have done some small transformations over the last few years and I hope to share some of the ones that I have done in the past on here as well as some of the future ones. I am still learning the keys to good lawn care. My yard is okay, just good enough to make the neighbors jealous, but nowhere near your John Ware or your Connor Ward quality.

I am open to constructive criticism and hope to learn from everyone and maybe at some point give a helpful opinion or two. I have been lurking and reading your posts and watching all the content on youtube that i can to get better.

I hope to show you guys some of my lawn soon and pick your brains!

Have a great week! :D
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Welcome to TLF! Can't wait to see some pics! Lawns are a perpetual work in progress :D Some just a bit further along than others :thumbup:
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