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Mulch on sale until 4/11

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Home Depot is having a sale on bagged mulch, 5 bags for $10:

This seems like a good deal, it's just about half of what my local nursery would sell me in bulk (they ended up not even having their 20% off Mulch Madness sale since the weather has been so crappy). I would need about 140 bags of this stuff.

Lowe's is also having the same deal on their Premium-branded bagged mulch:

Get a Lowe's 10% off coupon off eBay and save even more. Home Depot accepts Lowe's coupons.

The reviews are mixed on each product. Has anyone used either of these?
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I work in the Garden Center at HD. This sale is killing me. I can't count the number of bags I've loaded.
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