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Mulch for weed control around existing trees

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We have this section of trees we didn't clear when we built our house. We love them for a bit of privacy/noise/light filter but every year the weeds grow up so tall and dense I feel like its a bit of an eye sore. I was wondering if I sprayed it now with a weed killer before they start growing (in Wisconsin so snow just left) and then put a couple inches of mulch down, would it keep most of the weeds away? And I guess more importantly, would it look good/is that a normal thing to do or do people just leave clusters of trees like this on their property alone?
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Trim up around it and put a heavy layer of mulch down. Be careful when blanket spraying the area to not use something that the tree will be sensitive to. I would just put down the mulch and spot treat anything that pops up. Some cardboard under the mulch would help, but don't use landscaping fabric or you will be kicking yourself in the future. Been there, done that.
Even if you mulch, you'll have weeds. I use Isoxaben and Prodiamine on my mulched areas to minimize weeds in my beds.
I would love to put down pre-emergents in my landscaping, but my wife loves to plant flowers. Anytime an ornamental or flower dies she thinks I did it. I tell her if it was something I did everything would be dead.
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Is she planting seeds? I’m not noticing any problems with bulbs or transplants.
Some store bought. Some very young from seeds she propagated.
Some store bought. Some very young from seeds she propagated.
Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. it ain't you.
I’d cut down what you don’t want and plant wildflower’s.
mulch is more work and money and will need taken care of every year. Weeds will still grow thru it.
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