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First my apologies on making a separate thread from my lawn journal, but I need a clear answer on this and this question wasn't answered in my LJ.
@Topcat has been gracious enough to provide me with msma to kill my crabgrass. My bermuda was seeded in late March. Current temps are +90 every day.

What application rate should I use per 1k or better yet per gallon?
Should I spot spray or broadcast?
Will this damage my bermuda at all?
I will be using handheld pump sprayer.

Pic of lawn. 32‰ nitrogen and water is making my grass very happy. I see why pgr could be needed in the future. Lol


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I went back to check my timeline. I sprayed .9oz/1000 of MSMA and 1.45oz/1000 of Drive on day 35 of my reno. It looked a little dull/ dingy for a few days but quickly out grew it. Here it is on day 41 with the grass looking fine and the goosegrass is not very happy.

Just putting this out there... the lawn did look way better than that photo within a couple weeks.
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