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Moscey's 2018 plan

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-Total 4957(backyard 2,933; side 793; Front 1231)
-Ann Arbor, MI


1. Dimension 0-0-7 granular (apply at 0.5ai/acre rate) as soon as MSU recommends and/or forsythia blooms.
2. Tenacity 2 oz rate, surfactant, coloring agent(ie. turfmark blue)
3. Grub control (when grass greens up)
4. Milorganite (Memorial Day)
5. ???not sure??SOP Sulfate of Potash Soluble Fertilizer 0-0-52 -50 Lb (Mid May)
1. if it is a rainy summer, a light dose of nitrogen might be needed (0.5lb/N/ksqft) once in June/July
2. Milorganite (July 4th, Labor Day)
1. Dimension 0-0-7 (apply at 0.5ai/acre rate)
2. Urea 46-0-0 (fall nitro blitz)
3. Milorganite (Thanksgiving)

What do you think? Any advice appreciated
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Looks good. Why the tenacity? Poa annua?

I would not do the thanksgiving milo. In Michigan it will be too cold for it by then.

Sop should only be done based on your soil report.
Moscey said:
Also, would it Still be too late if I applied the last bag of milorganite end of Oct. instead of thanksgiving?
It is really not a calendar, but a temperature. Milo uses the soil microbes to break it down. As temp drops, then it slows/stops microbial activity. It could end up being a waste of money. What is your goal with the late fall Milo?
I think this is just a marketing speech from Milo.

We normally do this in the fall. Fall nitrogen blitz
Here is info around the the rates. There is a formal study they did. I can't find it right now.
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