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Monument 75WG Seed Suppression

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I noticed the label states - "Monument 75WG may reduce leaf elongation of bermudagrass
and zoysiagrass and suppress expression of seedheads."

That sounds a lot like a PGR.

Has anyone ever done blanket apps in the spring either way before, or after spring green-up, and specifically chosen monument for the seedhead suppression?

I was unsure how long monument has that seedhead suppression impact and how pronounced/obvious it is.

I tagged you guys since I know you all are applicators.
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The suppression is not growth regulation by any means. It is a result of mild metabolic poisoning of the desirable turf. The only SU herbicide with minimal side effects is Halosulfuron(Sedgehammer). All of the others are only marginally selective. Crank up the rate to 4 X and it can kill turf. Other usage of the more potent SU herbicides like Metsulfuron-Methyl and Sulfometuron-Methyl(Oust XP) is as a chemical mowing agent. Spray those at less than lethal rates on roadside or industrial turf, no weeds and also minimal growth of the grass. Grass can look poisoned for the season though. But no mowing or string trimming like what unsprayed grass will need. Other chemical with similar marginal selectivity is Image(Imazaquin). That is one of the products I use to get through the season in Hawaii where it rains for weeks on end, there is no sun and the only things that grow well are Kyllinga or Purple Nutsedge. The lawns not treated are the ones that need to be string trimmed in the pouring rain week after week.
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Yes you can kill grass with Trinexepac. Ask any golf super out of a job what happened when he over regulated the greens at a time when grass was already in a state of slow growth due to weather conditions. I know about that and so do the smart golf guys in my state. They either reduce rates or stop entirely when they hit the time of the year when there is no sun for weeks on end and the Bermuda is hardly growing.
T-Nex affects Gibberelic Acid production. Specifically, the ones responsible for vertical growth and length between nodes on stolons. An SU herbicide causes inhibition of Amino Acid synthesis. Cause of death is starvation of the plant. Grass affected by an SU herbicide can react by turning yellow and stunting because there is a small degree of Amino Acid inhibition. What I typically apply is not for spot treatment at all. The only way to avoid the appearance of spots stunted and yellowed is to boom spray the entire lawn. That is only on lawns that have been greened up by appropriate usage of fertilizers and micronutrients. I do spot spray, but that is with guaranteed lethal rates of a combination of Glyphosate, Fusilade, and Triclopyr. This is for weeds not controllable via more selective herbicides. The concept of spot spraying with products that are supposed to be selective but are not because I am doing it to turf in no condition to be treated is foreign to my operation.
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