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Miltona relief and bedknife facer

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I was researching if there are any affordable sharpeners out there to try and do my own maintenance. I came across this miltona relief and bedknife facer. Curious if anyone has tried this product before.

Do y'all think a handheld sharpener would work and be good enough vs taking your reel somewhere.
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@Greendoc I saw one of your posts on another site about having this unit. What are your thoughts on this for quality and ease of use?
Greendoc said:
It is pretty well made. But, I would practice on a junked reel to get the feel for it..

Only reason why I even have the Miltona Relief Grinder is because I grind then backlap McLanes and Tru-Cuts on the weekends.
I would love to have a rapid relief, but can't in any way justify the $1500 price. I'm using a TruCut and believe that added relief could extend the time between adjustment and backlapping for cutting my zoysia. I wish Miltona was selling the attachments without the Metabo angle grinder and for a much lower price.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts