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Milorganite w/Synthetics?...

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I have been treating my lawn (***/TF/Rye) w/Milorganite for about 1.5 years and seen positive results over this time. I recently hired a local lawn care guy who was taking care of some neighbors yards who really look "next level." He uses all synthetic products on his program. I've been doing soil tests and providing him with those results to help him dial in the lawn. The lawn looks great other than a few areas where just not as thick...the plan is to aerate these areas again in the fall and put topsoil in those areas w/overseed. I've aerated the entire lawn in the fall the last 2 years. I cut my lawn at 3.5" which made a big improvement once I started cutting it myself vs. hiring it done....they were just cutting it way to low and it would really struggle in the summer time.

The guy I'm using wants me to stop putting Milorganite down and it's killing me not to continue to put it down. Do you think if I continue to put the Milorganite down, it could alter the synthetic program he has me on? I want to continue to use him because I've seen what the other lawns he's taking care of look like...great. I don't want to mess up his program but I also would like to keep putting my Milorganite down! I just love the stuff and want to get the organics into the soil to help build this soil structure. I put down an app in late April and would like to put another down here at Memorial Day, but not sure what to do?!
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g-man said:
The @thegrassfactor is a great guy. He hangs around here when time allows him. His whiteboard videos are a great learning tool.
You so sweet 😍

In regards to the Milo, it will actually increase the efficiency of his synthetics assuming he'd be willing to dial back his inputs.

Sounds like he knows what he's doing though so might be tough to get him to alter. From the pro point of view, I know my ego can be quite dense at times and have been known to resist suggestions...
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