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Milorganite & Synthetic - too much?

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Hey everyone - first post here. Curious if there's any issue with putting down Milo at bag rate and then a synthetic at bag rate right on top for a faster or darker green up? Just started learning about the lawn care game about 1 year ago (through the Lawn Care Nut's youtube channel that has now spread my interest to many of the other popular ones as well), and it's a thought that popped into my head, figured I'd gather some opinions. If you're getting .72 lbs of N out of the Milo per 1000, would there be harm to the grass in getting another .7 or .8 synthetically at the same time during this time of the year? I'm in Maryland with TTTF/KBG/Rye. House was new construction, so last spring was my first growing season. Front/sides were sod but I seeded the backyard - came in ok but a lot of grassy weed of some sort spread all throughout as well, hoping to choke that stuff out over time with consistent aeration/overseeds in the fall.

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You don't need to do that. Milorganite is already about 40% water soluble Nitrogen. Maybe go a little higher than bag rate so you get 1lb N total.
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