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Milo Application with or without Dominion 2L & Propiconazole ???

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Hello all,
I'm looking to apply some Milo but I am also in need of spraying some Dominion 2L & Propiconazole 14.3%

Can I apply & spray all of this at once? or should I separate it in order to not throw too much at the lawn at once?
I'm trying to time the fungicide & grub killer application to have Mother Nature water it in for me, which around here could be this Friday. I'm fine with doing it all at once if it is safe to do so, or waiting and separating these applications in order to keep from stressing the lawn out. I just want to do whatever is best for it. If I need to separate, how long in between applications should I wait?
Thanks all.
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Dominion would be a blanket application and Propiconazole would be at preventative rate
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