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Mikes 2018 Lawn

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I figured I'd start a 2018 journal so that I can keep track of what I do, while getting and potentially giving help where I can. Last fall I renovated my lawn in this thread . Here's what I've done so far up to this point:
2/8: put down some Air-8 and RGS that I had from last yet
2/17: put down Lesco 19-0-7 Dimension pre-emergent

My plan for this year is to:
-maintain/improve the grass. I feel like I have a great reno last year and my grass very thick with just a few spots that are thin due to trees, but not bad enough for me to really worry about

-get rid of the small amount of wees that I have. I've seen a few broad leaf weeds in the yard that I have gone after with some Spectacide Weed Stop (2,4 d, mcppc, dicamba) which seems to have done the trick. I also have some poa and quackgrass that I'm slowly working on with glyphosate.

-in the fall address any weak/bare spots that have come up due to the summer stress.

Here is my lawn after the renovation on 11/8/2017

and then on 2/21/2018

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social port said:
Wow, it must be a lot warmer there. We are still having 30 degree lows in my area. Really slows growth.

That grass is looking great. Deep, rich green.
Looks as good as KBG. WTHIWT? :roll:
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