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Max amount of FEature

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So Ive been doing some FEature applications this year and I have been applying more than the max dose per 1k.. I was curious how much you can actually apply to get the darkest possible grass without crossing the threshold. I did close to 3oz per 1k and didn't see too much of a difference from 2oz
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Alright thanks guys. Yeah I want to get a dark color but not sure how dark u3 can get... Anyone have any dark u3? Do you all know if it can be applied with marker dye for my larger back yard?
Colonel K0rn said:
FWIW, I've been applying 2oz/M monthly on my lawn, and it looks considerably darker when the grass gets a little taller.
Maybe I'm moving too frequently? I tend to mow every other day, but i apply it after I mow and leave it on for a day and then water it in before the next mow
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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