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Max amount of FEature

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So Ive been doing some FEature applications this year and I have been applying more than the max dose per 1k.. I was curious how much you can actually apply to get the darkest possible grass without crossing the threshold. I did close to 3oz per 1k and didn't see too much of a difference from 2oz
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w0lfe said:
Colonel K0rn said:
FWIW, I've been applying 2oz/M monthly on my lawn, and it looks considerably darker when the grass gets a little taller.
Maybe I'm moving too frequently? I tend to mow every other day, but i apply it after I mow and leave it on for a day and then water it in before the next mow
Wow - that's often - I guess not a bad thing if you aren't taking very much off the blade (doesn't sound like it).

I've been using 1.25oz/1k to 1.75oz/1k every ~4 weeks or so. Sometimes a little sooner (if rain is expected for multiple days) or sometimes longer if the grass is looking good.

Obviously been tapering down to 1oz to 1.25oz /1k during the summer. Just enough to keep a little iron and N in the lawn.
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