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MasterMech's 2018 Bermuda Basketcase

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So the Jake lives and is cutting like a champ with the heavy section knife and 7 blade reel. I knocked the annual ryegrass down to 1.75" with my lawn tractor and then set the Jake loose at .500". It had no trouble eating at that height, I really was surprised at how great it did with just one pass. So, I can setup a mower, but can I grow grass? :roll:

I figured I'd start this thread now as we are FINALLY seeing our highs at 75+ on a consistent basis. I've been just spinning my wheels mowing the ARG all winter and dealing with the thatch issues this spring. So now it's go time and I'd appreciate the support of the hive mind here for my first full season of playing with warm-season grass.

Now that the Tif419 has woken up, and I've got the lawn peeled back to .500", I can better see what's happening here. I'm a little concerned that if I chemically "assist" the ARG into retirement, what's left is going to be painfully thin and patchy. What say you fellas? Will I be amazed at how fast this stuff can fill in laterally, or will I be the weird guy that mows 3x a week and still has a brown lawn?

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I would chemically assist the PRG and any other weeds you have and start pounding it with Nitrogen and Water as it looks like it could use both, especially the hill by the driveway. I would shoot for 1-1.5 lbs of Nitrogen a month until it has filled in to your liking. Once it fully wakes up and you are having to mow more than once a week you can hit with some PGR.
I agree that you want to kill or wound the PRG first and get the bermuda going in the right direction before applying the PGR. Do you have irrigation? If so, how fast does water start running down that hill?
If you keep having trouble with that hill drying out you might want to look into using some type of wetting agent to help in penetrate the soil better. The aeration should help some but don't expect all those plugs to fill in too much of an area, I tried that a few years ago with little to no success. Most of the cores were OM I think and they just broke down to nothing.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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