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Why are you looking to increase your Sulfur & Magnesium, is there a visible issues you're trying to diagnose? Or is it mainly because of this soil test. If the latter, I would suggest you not focus on it too much.. soil test numbers are more directional than anything. Especially these mail-in types.. it's hard to know what those ppm values represent since they're proprietary. No way to know how much to apply to get you to 'optimum' levels even if you tried.

If you don't have any visible deficiencies then just be mindful that your regular fertilizers should include nutrients that your soil is low in. If you have a LARGE yard then K-Mag may be an option (hard to find product that can be expensive) but otherwise sulfate-based fertilizers will add sulfur to your soil, and some even have micros in them. Most of us just spray micronutrient ferts to get a deeper green whenever we feel the need to do so. It's the simplest and most efficient way to see visual results.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts