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Looking for suggestions

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So I've decided I'm removing all the rock from my front landscape and putting mulch in. Also going to remove a bunch of the old plants and split the ones remaining.

Currently there are 3 spirea which will be ripped out and replaced with boxwoods of some fashion the day lilies will be divided and moved around, the Siberian iris' will stay in some fashion, most if not all the sedum that are currently there are probably coming out as the aren't my favorite plant, and the fact there are so overgrown just makes em blah!

Looking for some ideas of what are some of your favorite go to plants while designing landscaping. I've always liked to keep it simple with minimal variety. While I have it ripped apart might as well replace the plants!
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What kind of stuff are you looking for, flowers, shrubs, trees, a mix? Also how much sunlight sunlight?
Well in the meantime there's a good website that you can browse.
Ok. So I gather you prefer something evergreen and something on the smaller side. A few that come to mind are birds best spruce and mugo pine for the sidewalk. For the side of the house you could do Japanese maple(deciduous), rhododendron(some are evergreen), and hynoki cypress to name a few. A few smaller grasses are Karl foerster and blue dune grass.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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