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Looking for suggestions (NC 7B)

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I have an 80'x~4' dirt strip that wasn't finished by builder and is just an eyesore. It technically belongs to the HOA but is inside of my fence. Their solution last year was to cover it with pine straw before we had the fence up. Didn't look too hot. Now it is mine to take care of.

I've considered leveling it and growing Bermuda to the fence. Also thought about just turning it in to a flower bed and planting perennials of some sort. Considered some type of taller bushes for the corners and I don't know what in the middle. Maybe some roses? It's full sun most of the day. There's a 10 foot retaining wall where the fence is.

Thanks in advance.
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Colonel K0rn said:
Knockout roses are prolific bloomers, and very easy to maintain. I absolutely loved the video on how to prune them when I was looking for how to do it earlier this year. You can easily create a hedgerow with them, and train them to create a fantastic border wall.

:lol: I was thinking it might be a more delicate process
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