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2nd season trying to get the yard right and need some suggestions. The yard just doesn't seem to be thick, canopy just is thin. Have not had a soil test.

Location: Buford Ga
Mowers: tru cut and Toro 1600, set to .500
Mowers are backlapped monthly at a mininum
Cutting every
Water is set to every 3rd day, roughly 1/2"(45 minutes)

3/26 applied milo 1# of N per 1k
4/25 applied milo 1#
4/26 applied fungicide
5/10 cut in sod pieces to remove sds and hit front yard with .5# of 16-4-8
5/27 applied milo 1#
6/7 applied 13-13-13 1# of N
Need to sand a couple spots in the front yard
6/10 applied 2 ounces of PGR

The sod that was cut in is probably 50% denser in leaf count. Just not sure what to do...


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Your yard has similar looks to mine. Mine has thinner, less attractive areas that I want to fill in. In the first picture, it looks like you are scalping slightly (the lines down the yard). My lawn does the same thing in areas and its quite annoying. The only thing I know is to raise the HoC up or level some more. I'm at the same HoC as you so I feel your pain.

The only thing I know to really thicken up you bermuda that I have seen recommended here is more N, sun, and water. I'm throwing out slightly more N than 1lb/M a month (probably closer to 1.75lbs/M). I just started this so I'll see how it goes.

I've read putting down PGR could help thicken up a lawn, but I don't know where the line is of "thickening up" and filling in and where PGR would help or hinder.

I'll be interested to see what others recommend.
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