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Looking for opinions on best seed type for 1/2" HOC in the Pacific Northwest.

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New guy here. Found this Forum a few months ago and it's great! I'm in Vancouver B.C. Canada. I've been lawn obsessed for about 3 years now. My lawn looks great, but it has quite a few different types of grass so it looks splotchy and inconsistent colorwise. I think the only solution is a full reno so I am starting to plan one for late summer. I love some of the very old lawns in the old neighbourhoods of Vancouver. Very fine bladed and consistent color. I have a Caltrimmer that will cut down to about 5/8"
before the bed knife starts to dig in sometimes, but I'm going to hopefully switch to a Swardman Electra soon. I'll be asking lots of questions over the next few months as this sure seems like the best place for real world info about trying to accomplish what I'm after.
I'll start with grass types. For the last 1 1/2 yrs I have tried overseeding with a Fine Fescue/Colonial Highland Bent Grass blend. I've had some success with this but I feel like it will never completely overtake the sod blend of mostly PRG and KBG that we laid down before I got obsessed with my lawn.
Is a FF and Colonial Bent the right choice for our mild wet climate? I'm only about 10 miles away fro the ocean. We only get snow once or twice a year. I have an irrigation system that works well but needs a bit of tweaking and I have a very level flat lawn. I've top dressed 4 times in the past 1 1/2 yrs with sand and it's really stating to firm up nicely.
I'm fortunate to have a local turf products supplier that has many years of greens keeping experience and is happy to come by and offer his advice and give me great deals on all the products I need.
I'm nervous about the reno (my wife thinks I'm nuts.). I love spending time working on the lawn so if I plan things right and with a little luck I'm sure I can succeed.
Thanks in advance,
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